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Monday, 28 August 2017 19:49

Murrysville Testimonial

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"Moving our child to Tender Care was the smartest decision for our family! The teachers embraced us as their family from day one! We noticed huge growth in our son's language and development within the first week! I love that I can speak to any of the teachers about our child's development and they help bring what we are implementing at home to school to keep the consistency going! I love that they lead with positivity and let the kids be themselves but also know when to discipline with love!! Every teacher has become part of our family and so thankful when they give us the advice that we need or the praise when we are doing a good job with our son, being firsttime parents the reassurance means a lot!

The weekly schedule lets us know that tender care is focused on educating our kids as well as fun activities to help their creative sides! Exposing our son to different foods is great too!
Thank you!!!!"
The Moldovan Family

“My son really learns at Tender Care. Every day, every week we see the positive impact Tender Care has in his life. He reacts to the teachers like does to our own family members. He will say words or do actions that reflect what he’s been learning in school. It always amazes us because he’s not even 2 and we are able to see this. I look forward to seeing him grow with the Tender Care program. We decorate our home with the art he makes in the program, and he will often point it out and you can tell he is so proud.”
The Hendricks Family

“My daughter LOVES learning and LOVES school. Tender Care has fostered and nurtured this love. We (her parents) are both teachers and are absolutely thrilled that she is so excited and ready to go to kindergarten next year. My daughter has also blossomed so much socially since coming to Tender Care. She is very confident and full of selfesteem. She has made friendships and is learning how to deal with conflicts with others in a positive manner. It is also wonderful knowing that I am dropping my daughter off every day at a place where she is loved, cherished, valued, and safe. We will truly miss Tender Care once she heads off to kindergarten.”
The Gess Family

“Having moved from another child care facility, we were amazed by the warm, welcoming environment and staff who truly love helping the children learn, play and grow. We are thrilled with our experience.”
The Bush Family

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